To play and edit these highlighted files on your computer (Windows only), you must have the program 'Power Tab Editor' installed on your computer.  If you don't already have it, you may click  'HERE'  to get it.

To just 'see' the tabs, click on 'just view' next to each name.






       Temporal Storm

     1)     Uncovering of the Scroll    just view

2)      Warp Storm     just view

3)      Mariella     just view

4)      Ensorcelled by Waves of Time     just view

5)      Kingdom by the Sea     just view

6)      Into the Throne Room     just view

     7)    The Baron Valsugana     just view

8)    Unleash the Dragon     just view

9)     Night of the Ismeju     just view

10)    Doom of Pompeii (Niccolo’s Tale)     just view

11)    The Apennine Trail     just view



         Temporal Storm II

     1)      The Coven      just view

2)      Ambush in the Black School     just view

3)      Requiem for the Raven

4)      Spectral Eyes

5)      Temporal Storm

6)      The Battle for Ortona

7)      You

8)      The Lost

9)      Reunion of Souls     just view



    Hands Across The Void

1)      Hands Across the Void  (part I)     just view

2)      Aveo  Maria      just view

3)      Hands Across the Void (part II)     just view

4)      Clouds of Creation     just view

5)      Hands Across the Void (part III)      just view

6)      A Familiar Stare     just view

7)      Apparitions in October      just view

8)      Hollowed Out Heart     just view

    9)      The Storm has Passed Away     just view



     Hopeless in C minor

1)      A Restless Soul     just view

2)      Letter From the Dead

3)      Wolf-killer     just view

4)      Forever be Thy Knight

5)      Agnello di Dio

6)      Non mi Ama Piu     just view

7)      Star in My Sky     just view

8)      So Long, Monster      just view   

9)      One for the Doc     just view