Temporal Storm”

 On the morning October 17, 1992 a young composer made an ethereal discovery in an antique library in southern New England. Upon the shelves of this maritime retreat, an ancient scroll dating back to medieval Italy fell into his hands. Within its timeless pages, he discovered this antiquity described a lady of such spectacular beauty and radiance, the people of her land believed her origin was from celestial heights.  Her name was Mariella Di Carla, daughter of the King of Abruzzi.  She was blessed with amazing gifts…and haunted by a curse.

 To the few who keep this secret, it now seems these events occurred by way of Providence.

Within the faded scrolls Giuseppe Corvo found a map of a kingdom located in the center of the Italian peninsula. It was bordered to the west by the Apennine Mountains and to the east by the Adriatic Sea.  As he sifted through the dusty, tattered pages and translated the mystic text, the author described an evil threat lurking to the North.  A deathless warlord of tremendous power who led devastating conquests in the Crusades sought the hand of Mariella.  He threatened doom to her land if she would not relinquish her heart unto him. 

The pages of the manuscript became friable and the final scene revealed the destruction of her kingdom by an assault unleashed by an unholy coven of sorcerers. The inscription ended abruptly and then…

Something unprecedented happened.  The sky became obsidian and thunder roared above the sea mist. Lightning fluoresced and illuminated the pale blue surf. Icy rain and deafening red hail cascaded to the ground in voluminous sheets. A swirling vortex with whorled ruby beams of blinding light crashed through the shale roof of the building ripping apart books and splintered shelves and desks.

A temporal storm had arrived. A timeless war in a tale unfinished beckoned the young composer as the ancient lady of celestial light materialized before him.

Characters: Guiseppe (Joseph) Corvo  

                   Mariella Di Carla

                  Baron Saolo Valsugana (The Ismeju)

                 Niccolo Dei Corvano

                Pietro Monrone (Celestine V)

               King Emelio Di Carla

              Queen Benedetta Di Carla

             The 12 Black Sorcerers


The story of the Temporal Storm” is told over three albums. Each album demonstrates a vast array of mercurial musical composition and poetic lyricism.  The spectrum of emotions experienced by the characters are captured through the use of instrumentation, poetic imagery, recurrent themes, and voice.  The constellation of musical genres ranges from medieval chants, chamber orchestra, Heavy Metal to Scandinavian Black Metal. Temporal Storm and Temporal Storm II unveil the fantastic saga of a young composer who is cast through the web of time to an ancient land where a war between light and the deathless is at its climactic finish.  The fate of the majestic Lady of Light, the Heir to Hell’s Throne, a sea-side kingdom, an immemorial sorcerer, and a temporal stow-way are decided on the shores of Ortona, Italy.














The outer reaches of the universe and the edge of within are revealed in ....


“Hands Across the Void.”   Eight years have past since the events of the Temporal Storm and the composer, possessing the gifts of the Black Arts, casts a necromantic spell one fateful night. (February 29th 2000). Mariella, the preternatural Lady of Celestial light materializes before him though a rift in the very fabric of the space and takes him on a cosmic journey through the heavens. In the Heart of Creation she reveals to him the secret of her origin and their timeless, inseparable bond.  The end of the album marks the beginning of grief unheralded for the composer. “Hollowed Out Heart” echoes a farewell to romance, to adventure, and to earthly friendships that may, or may not be reclaimed in the after-life.
“Hopeless In C minor This album is a haunting testament and minstrelsy devoted to failed love, the loss of dearest friends, and the disintegration of dreams.  Though tethered to the Temporal Storm saga, this opus stands alone in its’ unfulfilled longing and the ultimate downward spiral of lightlessness into which the composer has plummeted. “So Long, Monster” and “One for the Doc” are songs that lament the death of a friend and of a hero, who were both taken by unforgivable acts of recklessness and selfishness. Alas, Hopes’ dim, yet inextinguishable light flickers in “Star in My Sky” as the composer unveils a final composition of admiration and passion.  The deeps of emptiness felt by the composer could only be articulated in his native Italian in the haunting “Non mi Ama Piu”.





La Masse di Nozze Italiane

 Recorded at the Church of St. Rocco Johnston, Rhode Island

 Engineered and mastered by Jonathan Gonsalves

 Dedicated in loving memory of Mr.John P.Calestino Jr.

 This entire Mass is composed in honor of those who have known the wondrous holy union of marriage and the divine love it can nurture. Those who have known the unique joy of a traditional Italian wedding may especially enjoy these emotionally inspiring hymns.

 Performed by: Mrs. Erin Erban (violin), Mr. James Norcini (pipe organ),

                    Mrs. Donna Galetti (alto vocals)







Blood Vacuum:

Matthew Calestino: Vocals, lead / rhythm guitar, trumpet, arrangements, orchestrations.

Jonathan Gonsalves: Piano, vocals, harpsichord, keyboards, rhythm guitar.

Brian Martinelli: Bass guitar, percussion, tympani.

Erin Erban: Viola

Ray Ouimette: Clarinet

Tiffany Blais: Flute

Wendy Rios: Violin

Alyssa Cira: Violin

Maria Tortellani: Vocals

Sydney Thompson: Flute

John Sheppard: Vocals, bass guitar


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All songs written and composed by M. Calestino except ”Love Letter from the Dead”, written and composed by Jonathan Gonsalves, and "A Restless Soul" Words and Music by Tom Rao.