Mike Glover (Brother Onion);

Bass Guitar

Additional band mates:

John "Axl" Sheppard: bass guitar

1) The Pendulum


2) The Coming


3) Bleeding Dusk


4) Old Number Seven


5) The Chasm


6) Snuffed Love


7) The Prowler









          Lead Vocals: Lead and Rhythm Guitars

  A student of guitar for thirty years, John has manifested into one of the most explosive guitarists on the east coast. This aggressive riff-master has perfected the art of musical seduction, ensorcelling audiences with pyroclastic, melodic solos that leave those brave enough to venture into his dominion completely mesmerized. He has mastered the fusion of neo-classical virtuosity with bone-crushing metal phrasing.  In 1992 he was awarded a bachelor’s degree in Electronics from the New England Institute of Technology.  His hobbies include computer science, electronics, and brewing fine beers.




Drummer ; lyricist; demolitionist; artist

  Any concertgoer who has witnessed this man’s pile-driving performances will agree that he is nothing short of a man possessed.  The intense energy expended behind his latticed cage of wood and steel is a testament to his passion for punishment and the heart from which it erupts. Hailing from the village of Sava in southeast Italy, he is truly one of the finest percussionists who ever emerged from the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. While he displays a myriad of colorful artistic skills, this drummer continues to immolate his contemporaries, leaving them mute and stripped of their egos. His ferocity is balanced by his psychedelic lyricism.





Bass, rhythm, acoustic guitars, vocals.

 A student of music from the age of five, Mattthew is a diligent songwriter whose visions, emotions, and dreams cannot be expressed verbally, only sonically. A bassist for fifteen years, he and drummer Dino Miccoli share a quasi-telepathic link enabling them to anticipate each other’s every synapse and extract rhythms from their mutual psychic plane.  Matthew is also the founder of the metal orchestra "Blood Vacuum" whose neo-classical sonatas cast a seductive haunting spell for their listeners. When not composing and performing with his band-mates, he composes lyrics, paints, and studies science.





Rhythm guitar, vocals

  The newest member of DRAWN & QUARTERED and founding father of the band “ DARKENED SOULS”, Jonathan radiates a majestic stage presence and unleashes a spectacular array of musical abilities that embody both grace and fury.  A music major at Rhode Island College, he studied classical piano and is an accomplished sound engineer who records a wide spectrum of bands in a studio he assembled himself.  In 1994 he joined forces with Matthew Calestino and the “Blood Vacuum” legacy was born.  Combining their knowledge of theory and arrangement of various instruments, these two maestros create an irresistible ambience of rapture, seduction, and darksome enchantment.